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Final Words of Caution on Wheat Midge

by Phillip Glogoza, Extension Educator - Crops

A lot of wheat is now heading in NW Minnesota. In the northern most counties, degree day accumulations are just reaching the 1300 DD mark (see map), the point where 10% of female midge have emerged. Emergence will continue through 1600+ DD (90% female emergence).

Now is an important time to do some evening scouting and become aware of any activity in your fields. Find out now . . . Not at harvest time!

Dr. Ian MacRae, extension entomologist based in Crookston, reported finding only a few adult midge flying over the weekend. However, the peak emergence is still a few days away. Though populations are generally small in the region, localized hot spots are very possible. We have seen these populations increase rapidly under favorable conditions before. Having a high percent of the crop heading when females are laying eggs is risky and justifies field scouting to determine whether insecticide treatment is warranted.

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