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HRSW Varieties with a Higher Risk of Preharvest Sprouting

The continued wet weather and harvest delays are increasing the potential for preharvest sprouting. Once the dormancy of the seed is broken and sprouting is initiated the quality of the grain deteriorates, grain elevators will check for this decline in quality using the Hagberg Falling Numbers test. The HRSW that are ranked moderately susceptible to pre-harvest sprouting are listed in Table 1. Understand that the potential for preharvest sprouting increases if you swath the grain or if you leave it stand too long while waiting for the grain to reach 13% moisture, all the while rain and heavy dews are forecasted. Rather, harvest the grain as quickly as possible and as soon as moisture content approaches 15% as HRSW can be readily stored up to three months at that moisture content.

Table 1. HRSW varieties with a higher risk of preharvest sprouting
Variety Preharvest Sprouting Rating1
Bigg Red 4
Blade 5
Granger 4
Hat Trick 4
Sabin 4
Samson 4
Traverse 4
11=best, 9=worst

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