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Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data - Central MN - May 3, 2010

By Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties<

Updated May 5.
This report shows information from field observations and forage tests in Caver/Scott, Mcleod/Meeker,Stearns/Benton/Morrison, and Wright Counties. The Alfalfa Harvest Alert Project includes using forage lab tests and the PEAQ process for estimating forage quality as a gauge for making harvest decisions. PEAQ stands for Predictive Equation for Alfalfa Quality. It estimates what the forage test of a fresh cut sample might be based on the height of the tallest steam and the maturity of the most mature stem.

We generally expect "feed in the bunk" to be 15 to 25 RFV points lower than what a fresh cut lab test would indicate or what the PEAQ stick or chart would read. For more information about doing scissors cut sampling or using PEAQ sticks or charts look in the center of the U of M Extension Forages web page at:

Click the link below to look at the data from May 3, 2010. The information for May 3 will be updated by edits to this entry. Once started, most fields are sampled on Monday and Thursday mornings until they are harvested.
Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data May 3, 2010.pdf

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