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Alfalfa Harvest Alert Info in Central MN - May 24, 2010

By Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

Updated on Wednesday Evening May 26
This is a report of information from fields sampled on Monday May 24 with a couple of updates from May 20. We have a lab report from Motley sample fields now.
Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data May 24, 2010.pdf

For more information about doing scissors cut sampling or using PEAQ sticks or charts, look in the center of the U of M Extension Forages web page at:

Fields are continuing to be cut as growers consider their feed needs, crop conditions, weather conditions, and other factors. Our Motley area cooperator reports finding a few buds in most sampling spots now. We hope to get a lab report on samples from their on Wednesday.

When livestock producers start to use new crop forage, an "as-fed" forage test can be useful along with working with their feed rep or nutrition advisor, and watching livestock for clues to making the best use of the forage characteristics obtained.

Please take note of the information in the May 24 section of the notes on page 4 for the Ackerman, Roerick and second sample from Motley (an alfalfa grass mix sample).

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