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The Plant Disease Clinic at the University of Minnesota is Here to Help With Your Crop and Plant Disease Problems

by Dimitre Mollov and Jennifer Flynn

When crops or plants are not growing well and look diseased or less vigorous than healthy plants, an accurate diagnosis of the problem may be critical to reducing and managing it. The Plant Disease Clinic at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul is open year-round to diagnose crop and plant problems and to assist with other plant testing questions. The Plant Disease Clinic welcomes samples from anyone and offers a wide variety of diagnostic and testing services.

What is the Plant Disease Clinic and what services are offered?

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The Plant Disease Clinic at the University of Minnesota is a diagnostic laboratory that provides testing for: viral, bacterial, fungal, and other conditions. This includes general diagnosis for any crop or plant, oak wilt testing, Dutch elm disease testing, turf disease diagnosis, and seed quality testing. Other services are plant and insect identification. The Plant Disease Clinic also does contract research.

Why send samples to the Plant Disease Clinic?

Correct diagnosis is a critical step for crop and plant health. With an accurate, unbiased diagnosis, growers can choose the best management strategies for a crop problem. Furthermore, when you send a sample to the Plant Disease Clinic, you not only have access to clinic resources, but also to the expertise of other scientists. The Plant Disease Clinic regularly consults with researchers and experts who specialize in a certain crop, pathogen, pest, or discipline.

Information on prices and submitting samples:

For information on cost, how to submit a sample and to obtain a sample submission form, see the website: or call 612-625-1275.
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