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Sauk Cente Hay Auction 10/21/2010

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

Click on SC Hay Auction 10 21 10.pdf to see a report of the hay and bedding lots sold based on groups sorted by hay type, bale package and 25 RFV Points.

Additional Comments and Event Reminders:

We are not seeing large numbers of loads at the Sauk Centre auctions yet, but some indication perhaps of what the market is like. Rain forecast for the last week of October may have put more urgency on fall field work.

Rained on Hay?

Jim Salfer offered a couple of comments on this topic when I traded email with him while working on an article about taking inventory of feed resources for the coming year:  "Rained-on hay can still have good Relative Feed Value (RFV), and can probably be used in a TMR (Totally Mixed Ration) with corn silage and other wet ingredients and will feed pretty well.  That is assuming that it did not sit in the windrow and start to mold badly or get a lot of mud splashed up on it.  Really all the rain does is wash the sugars (and vitamins) out of the hay and that is why it is less palatable. You might even be able to add some liquid molasses and it will become more palatable."

You can check more hay market information by going to

Education Events

Midwest Forage Association Risk Reduction Summit
Minnesota Forage Research Symposium
November 16-17/17-18
Kelly Inn, St Cloud
For more information go to

Midwest Dairy Expo
November 30 - December 1
St. Cloud Civic Center
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Minnesota Crop Pest Short Coarse
Minneapolis Convention Center
December 13-15
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Continue to work safely on fall tasks and encourage your neighbors as well.

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