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Central MN Alfalfa Harvest Alert May 31 UPDATE

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

Check  Alfalfa Field Data 05 31 2011.pdf  for Alfalfa Scissors-Cut and PEAQ information we have so far from fields sample May 30/31 ... UPDATED June 1 about 5 p.m. Fields are being sampled on some variable schedules due to Memorial Day Holiday - a couple on May 30, some May 31. The McLeod and Meeker fields will be sampled on Wednesday June 1 for this week.

Many fields in our sampling area are at a place where they could be harvested now with the first good weather opportunity; and weather forecasts continue to look like we'll be dancing around egg shells some.

The end of the report offers a May 30 update on Alfalfa Weevil Growing Degree Days and information from an Alfalfa Grass Mixed Sample a couple miles south of Foley.
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