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Sauk Centre Hay Auction Report April 2011

By Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

I am posting information here for the April 7 and 21 Sauk Centre Hay Auctions. This includes:
SC Hay Auction 04 07 2011.pdf  A list of all tested hay lots and bedding materials sold... grouped by kind of hay, 25 RFV points ... cost per pound of dry matter and per RFV point.
SC Hay Auction 04 21 2011.pdf Same as previous
History of Selected Lots 2010 2011.pdf A summary of auction held this year: Medium Square Alfalfa in 25 RF points showing average and range for price and RFV.
Graphs of Med Sq Alf 2001 to 2011.PDF   A line graph of auction seasons from 2001 to 2011. The bold red line is this years season. A dash line indicates information not available.
Read more about plans for Alfalfa Scissors Cut Sampling in Central Minnesota for 2011

The May hay auctions at Sauk Centre are on May 5 and May 19. There are not usually auctions then until September.

Scissors Cut Sampling Plans
We are making plans for doing alfalfa scissors cut sampling in Wright, Stearns, Benton and Morrison Counties again this year. Laura Kieser is making arrangements in Scott and Carver County. If you have questions or suggestions about this, please give us a call.
Dan Martens at 1-800-964-4929
Laura Kieser at 952-466-5300

I will post information at this site as we get results from field samples and testing.

I'm guessing we will take our first samples on May 16 or 19.

I'm still getting reports that alfalfa in our area generally came through the winter in good shape. I have heard about a couple farms with some significant loss on fields that were cut late in the fall. We could speculate that these fields held less snow and perhaps the 1 inch rain in January was tougher on those fields. One farmer east of Rice says the low spots on fields that were cut late have damage. Low spots in other fields do not have damage.

I'm guessing it would take some very nice May weather to have alfalfa ready to cut the week of May 23rd .... maybe more likely the week of May 30 - depending on weather conditions of course. The task is to be ready to go when the crop and weather are suitable.

Please continue to work safely and encourage a neighbor to do the same.


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