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Small Grains Disease Risk Assessment Tools

Minnesota's small grain disease forecasting model is up and running for the season. You can access the site here. Weather based risk models for tan spot, Septoria leaf blotch, leaf rust, and scab are available on this site. Simple select the disease of interest and a risk map for the state. The models can predict the risk up two days in advance and you can go back up to 365 days prior. You can also drill down to your area of interest with a simply mouse click on your area of interest. Another mouse click on a township's section will give a text summary of the risk for that local for that day and the previous seven days. Scouting reports and other commentary will be updated regularly.

The National Fusarium Head Blight Risk Assessment Tool is also available here. The National Risk Assessment Tool will also provide real time alerts. You can sign up on the US Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative website. Alerts can be delivered as a RSS feed, an e-mail, or as text messages to your mobile device.

The North Dakota Small Grains Disease Forecasting System has also come online for the 2011 season. The NDSU now includes a barley DON forecasting model. The model was developed by Dr. Jeff Stein at SDSU.

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