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Weeds: End of season weed control reminders

by Dr. Jeff Stachler, Weed Scientist, UMN and NDSU
Scouting fields for weeds throughout the growing season is extremely important to maintaining herbicide effectiveness and planning for future weed control decisions. Scout fields now and at harvest to determine the effectiveness of this season's weed control practices. If weeds are present now, determine why they are present. If weeds are present due to herbicide resistance, then weed control and cropping practices must be different next season and beyond.

Summer Weather Favorable for Sudden Death Syndrome and Phytophthora Rot of Soybean

Dean Malvick, Extension Plant Pathologist
Questions about which soybean diseases will be problems this year in Minnesota come up often. Although there are no good predictive systems, the wet weather conditions this summer are favorable for sudden death syndrome (SDS) and Phytophthora root and stem rot.  Phytophthora rot occurs across MN.  SDS occurs most often in southern MN, but appears to be spreading north each year.

Watch for Goss's Leaf Blight and Wilt on Corn in Minnesota

By Dean Malvick, Extension Pathologist
Goss's leaf blight and wilt of corn is a damaging disease that is new to Minnesota and has caused problems in fields over the past two years.  The weather conditions this summer may favor development of this disease again.  It was reported from two fields in southern MN in the past week, and it may be starting to develop in many fields.  This is a disease to watch for across Minnesota. If you see infected plants, please send infected leaf samples for a new research study as described below.