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Sauk Centre Hay Action Reports Sept to Nov 3 2011

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

This is a posting of my first summary of the Hay Auction at Sauk Centre for 2011-2012 market year. It appears that the hay price is higher. It's more difficult with small numbers of loads to be confident about averages calculated from sales. The price for quality clean straw in medium square bales appears to be pretty steady in the $25-35 per bale range. See links below for the following reports.

History of Selected Lots 2011-12.pdf  Average and range of RFV values and prices for Medium Square Alfalfa in 25 RFV groups from 101 to 200 RFV. Includes average through the sale seasons for the last 4 years and individual sales for each auction so far this year.

Hay Market Graphs 2001-2012.pdf  Line graphs of markets for Medium Square Alfalfa for 25 point RFV groups from 2001 to present time. This year's line is gold. Dotted lines indicate there were not lots in a sale between two sale date point.

2011 09 15 SC Hay Auction.pdf   Lots sold are grouped by bale type, kind of hay and 25 RFV points. Averages are calculated where it seems appropriated. Look at averages carefully where there are few or 1 load in a group. Look at averages carefully where there is a wide range of price. This probably means some hay in poor physical condition did not sell well and hay in better condition in the group brought a higher price. If you looking for hay with a better physical appearance, you're probably going to pay the higher price.

2011 10 06 SC Hay Auction.pdf Same format

2011 10 20 SC Hay Auction.pdf Same format

2011 11 03 SC Hay Auction.pdf Same format

Auction will be held on the first and third Thursday of each month through May.


You can check more hay market info at USDA HAY Market
Select "hay" in the middle of the page. I like the East River South Dakota Market as another close by "dairy" market perspective.

HAYLIST can be used to post "hay for sale" or "wanted to buy" and to find links to other similar sites.

Ken Barnett at UW Extension offers a Weekly Hay Market Demand and Price Report for the Upper Midwest at
People who need to purchase hay and other livestock feeds should be shopping early and working closely with nutrition advisors to make the best of resources. It might be a year when it might be significant to put a little more work into getting the right feed to the right critters.

Dairy producers should check out topics and resources at the Midwest Dairy Expo in St. Cloud on November 29 and 30 for opportunities to learn more about strategies that might be useful during the next year. Admission to the program and trade show is FREE (Thank a long list of exhibitors and cooperating sponsors.) You pay for meals.

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