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University of Minnesota Releases Performance Trial Results on Plant Varieties

By Jennifer Obst, Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, 612-625-4741

A comprehensive comparison of most crop varieties grown in Minnesota is now available in print and electronic forms. Minnesota Varietal Trials 2012, published by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, provides the results of the 2011 University of Minnesota evaluation of more than 1000 individual entries of plant varieties.

Multiple trials throughout the state compared how varieties performed in the wide range of soil types and climatic conditions found in Minnesota. "This variety trials report is a testament to how producers and researchers can cooperate to reach shared goals," said Allen Levine, director of the University of Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station, and dean of the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

Growers can use the report to make informed choices on which varieties will perform well in their fields. The varieties tested are from both private and public breeding programs and include University of Minnesota developed forage, grain, and oilseed crop varieties.

Plant varieties tested include alfalfa, barley, birdsfoot trefoil, corn grain, corn silage, oat, canola, soybeans, spring wheat, winter wheat and wild rice. The test plots are grown at the University's Research and Outreach Centers and also in field research plots on privately-owned farms. The replicated trials provide Minnesota farmers with objective evaluations of how plant varieties perform in various conditions. University researchers, Extension Educators, USDA scientists and graduate students conducted the trials

The complete results of the variety trials are available on the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station website . Limited print copies will be available from the University of Minnesota Extension Store, or call 1-800-876-8636.

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