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Sauk Centre Hay Auction Report Jan. 5 2012

by Dan Martens
This information is from the Sauk Centre Hay Auction held on January 5, 2012. I am posting three items:
Jan 5 2012 SC Hay Auction.pdf ... A list of all tested hay lots and bedding materials sold... grouped by kind of hay, type of bale, 25 RFV points with calculations for averages, cost per RFV point, and cost per pound of dry matter.

History of Selected Lots 2011 2012.pdf ... A summary of auctions held for the last for years and for individual auctions this season: Medium Square Alfalfa 101 to 200 RFV in 25 point groups, and medium square straw.

Graph SC Hay Auction 2001-2012.pdf ... A line graph of auction seasons from 2001 to 2012

Read more for information about:
- Other sources of hay market information
- 4 Regional Winter Forage Workshops

SE MN in Rochester - Feb 6
   Contact: Jim Paulson 507-536-6310
SW MN in Lamberton - Feb 7
    Contact: Nathan Winter 800-587-0770
Central MN in Greenwald - Feb 8 (south of Melrose)
    Contact: Dan Martens 320-968-5077
NE MN in Cromwell - Feb 9
    Contact: Russ Mathison 218-327-4352 or Troy Salzer 218-384-3511

Richard Muck, USDA Dairy Forage Research Center at Madison Wisconsin will be the featured speaker at SE, SW and Central, speaking on "Management Options to Make Great Silage" and "Silage Additive - When to Use Them" related to corn silage and haylage.

Mike Russelle, USDA Dairy Forage Research Center will be the featured speaker at the NE site, speaking on "Cycling & Loss of Nutrients in Pasture: There's No Substitute for Good Management."

Other topics at each site are tailored to locally identified interests. For details at each site go to:

These workshop are help in cooperation with local forage councils, Extension staff, and cooperating sponsors.

Go to
Select "hay" in the middle of the page. I like the East River South Dakota Market as another close "market" with a "dairy" influence. This is not an auction, but rather a USDA survey with buyers and sellers in eastern South Dakota.

Ken Barnet, U WIS offers this report and it can be found at

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