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Sauk Centra Hay Auction March 15, 2012

by Dan Martens, U of M Extension Educator in Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

This information is from the Sauk Centre Hay Auction held on March 15, 2012. It is based on information provided by Stearns DHIA Lab and the Mid-American Auction Company.

Mar 15 2012 SC Hay Auction.pdf ... A summary of all tested hay lots and bedding materials sold... grouped by kind of hay, type of bale and 25 RFV points...cost per pound of dry matter and per RFV point are calculated.

History of Selected Lots 2011 2012.pdf... A summary of hay auctions held this year showing Medium Square Alfalfa 101-200 RFV divided in 25 RFV groups, and medium sq. straw.

Graph SC Hay Auction 2001-2012.pdf ... A line graph of these auctions from 2001 to 2012. For the Feb 16 auction, the 176-200 RFV group is just one load - so not really an average. >The next auction at Sauk Centre will be held on Thursday April 5.

You can check USDA Hay Market Reports at

You can take a look at U WIS Extension Ken Barnett's Weekly
Hay Market discussion for the upper Midwest at:

Other Notes:

Alfalfa Winter Survival

Most of what I've seen and heard about the hay crop coming out of winter so far is positive. Keep an eye on it. We could still have the experience of freezing the tops off of it somewhere along the way and then making decisions about starting over. Mark Seeley said last week that weather records show no correlation between and early spring and when the last spring frost date occurs. But we'll hope for the best and deal with the rest.

Alfalfa Stand Evaluation Resources

You can check for more information about evaluating alfalfa stands

General Crop Information From U of M

For crop issues and strategies related to an early spring and potential dry weather; Extension staff are posting most of their current observations, comments, and suggestions on the Minnesota Crop News website at

Summer Farm Tours / Field Days

Summer Forage Dairy Tours- we are starting to have some discussions about central MN summer dairy and forage tours and other work. If you have suggestions, you're welcome to let us know.
Craig Roerick, Jim Salfer, Randy Pepin, Dan Martens

Please plan and prepare for a safe spring planting season.
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