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Central MN Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data - May 21, 2012

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties
UPDATED May 22 5:30 p.m.
The link listed here provided Central MN Alfalfa Harvest Alert Scissors-Cut data obtained through May 21. Additional Information might be added to this report on May 23 later in the afternoon or evening. If so it will be edited here at this link. We will sample again on Thursday Morning, weather permitting.

It looks like finding a WEATHER opportunity may be the primary decision factor for a lot of the hay crop in this area now milk cow quality hay. There are some fields yet that are just starting to show some bud development and might have a little time to grow yet.

PAST HAIL. Good news for hailed off field on May 1 north of Albany. It is a very nice looking stand of 12 inch alfalfa now. Nearly every stem was broken at 3 to 7 inches by the hail.

Remember, for scissors-cut sampling, we like to have 3-4 samples that are 3 or 4 days apart to establish a trend line to gain more confidence in the numbers.

Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data 2012 May 21.pdf

ALFALFA WEEVIL RESOURCE. There a couple notes at the end of the posted report finding some alfalfa weevil larva in a field today... and a resource listing some threshold guidelines. Here's another:
AW trtmnt thresholds.pdf

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