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May 17 2012 Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data - Central MN

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties
The link listed here provides Central MN Alfalfa Harvest Alert Scissors-Cut and PEAQ data obtained as of May 17. I expect to get a few more lab reports back on Friday and will aim to update the document posted at the link listed here sometime later Friday afternoon.

More buds - and more harvest decisions. As fields appear to meet harvest goals, farmers are making harvest decisions.

Remember, for scissors-cut sampling, we'd like to have 3-4 samples that are 3-4 days apart to establish a trend line to gain more confidence in the numbers. Thinking about a trend line takes out some of the "bounce" we see sometimes from one sample to the next.

Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data 2012 05 17.pdf

Check the notes at the end of the report for some discussion about why we might see better RFV in some fields this year. We'll find out in the feed bunk and for dairy herds in what cows are able to do with it.

CORN EMERGENCE - On another topic, we've had some calls in central MN this week about problems with corn emergence, mainly due to heavy rains around May 1 and 6. One key point to remember is that for corn that starts to leaf out underground, those plants will likely NOT make it to the surface. For some discussion about evaluating stands do a website search for "Minnesota Extension Corn Emergence" or go direct to:
Evaluating corn stands (2002)

Please continue to have a safe spring work season, hay harvest, and other things you enjoy in the spring.

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