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Small Grains Disease Update


Winter and the earliest spring wheat fields are heading across the State. While producers in the southern half of the State comment that their winter and spring wheat has never looked this good, the northwest part of the State suffered enough drought stress to impact the yield potential of the spring and winter wheat crops. The drought and last week's heat caused tillers to be aborted and crop phenology to advance rapidly, with some field moving from jointing to having the flag leaf fully emerged in just over a week. A few initial counts of the number spikelets per spike were disappointing.

There are confirmed reports of stripe rust across the state but there are no confirmed cases of leaf rust to date. More details scouting reports will be available as of next Monday morning.

Now is the time to scout the fields to assess yield potential and the presence of any foliar diseases such as tan spot and leaf or stripe rust. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and the disease forecasting models to determine the risk for Fusarium head blight to decide whether an application at anthesis is warranted.

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