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Small Grains Disease Update


Temperatures are set to be slightly cooler this week than last, and expected to stay in the low to mid 80s. Humidity will be lower than we have seen in the past week. Most of the wheat crop is now in the late milk early dough stage of development.

Stripe rust is still prevalent across the state. However weather conditions are now becoming favorable for development of leaf rust which is evident in the south and west of the state with severity ranging from moderate to severe. Sibley county being the worst affected at present. Septoria diseases have progressed with 100% of some fields affected with moderate to high severity.

Risk of leaf rust in the central and eastern part of the state will trend much higher in the next couple of days . The risk for tan spot remains high throughout the state. Scab risk remains moderate to high in the north west of the state.

Reports of fields with a unusual amount of dead heads with little or no grain have been reaching us. Incidences as high as 15-20% have been reported. We are sampling some of the worst fields to determine the exact cause or causes and will share those results as they become available.

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