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Tires, Traction, and Compaction Field Day: Videos Discussing Four Main Topics Now Available

In September, 2011, University of Minnesota Extension, partnered with NDSU Extension, brought you the Tires, Traction, and Compaction Field Day near Fergus Falls, MN. There are now four videos highlighting the key messages presented during the day. Each video takes you to the unique soil pits constructed for that day to illustrate soil structure and effects of equipment traffic on soils. Each video is under six minutes yet captures the field experience for those unable to attend. They represent a great refresher for the 200+ participants who were there.

The field day had four soil pits to demonstrate different management techniques to help you Take Control of soil compaction. Special attention was given to wheel traffic as a major contributor to soil compaction. The videos revisit the unique opportunity to better understand the cause and the effect of compaction in your fields.

"We had a great line-up of soil, equipment and crop experts who discussed how compaction is formed, its effect on plant growth, and how we might minimize compaction through equipment choices," explains Jodi DeJong-Hughes, UMN Extension Educator for Crops. "The videos are a great way to revisit the field experience of the day and re-emphasize lessons learned."
Video 1: Factors Contributing to Soil Compaction
This video describes soil compaction, its effects, and a few ways to avoid compaction. The freeze-thaw cycle myth will be addressed as well as a brief introduction of the next 3 videos in the series.
Video 2: Soil Structure: A Natural Defense Against Soil Compaction
Soil aggregation is your #1 defense against soil compaction. This video describes soil aggregation and how to improve soil biology with cover crops to create a stronger more resilient soil.
Video 3: Managing Vehicle Traffic to Reduce Compaction
This video discusses how to manage wheel traffic to reduce compaction, tracks and tires, proper tire inflation, and the benefits of controlled traffic.
Video 4: How to Make Your Tires Perform at Their Best
This video discusses how to make your tractor tires perform at their best.
If you would like more information please contact Jodi DeJong-Hughes at 320-815-4112 or email at
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