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Planting Window for Small Grains Already Closing

While nearly all the small grains were seeded in Minnesota by this date in 2012, this spring is a different story. The unseasonably cold temperatures and relentless snow fall is setting us up for a (very) late spring. This will mean that, already, the planting window for small grains is closing for parts of the state. Understand that you can still plant spring wheat, barley, and oats after the last recommended date but that the chances to have good, competitive grain yields and quality are greatly reduced.

Check out this post from 2014 to understand how and why the planting window for wheat, barley and oats is.

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  1. I'm located in nobles co. Need the straw. Would barley be more or less forgiving on late planting? TIA

  2. HRSW is actually more forgiving than barley to late planting


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