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Sauk Center Hay Auction - April 18, 2013

>by Dan Martens, Extension Educator Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

I am posting 3 items based on information from the April 18, 2013 Hay Auction at Sauk Centre Minnesota. The next auction is scheduled for May 2, starting at 12:30.

April 18 SC Hay Auction.pdf.. A list of tested lots sold an bedding materials, grouped by bale type and quality.
History of Selected Lots 2012 2013.pdf... Average and range of values for Medium Square Alfalfa in 25 RFV groups from 101 to 200 RFV, listed for each sale this year.
Graph 2001 to 2013 SC Hay Auction.pdf ... Line graph for market years since 2001 for Medium Square Alfalfa in groups by 25 RFV points from 101-200 RFV.


Dave Schwartz, Gold Country Seeds, in the Litchfield area, shared condition with 2 late summer seeded fields from 2012. For one field, about 1/3 of it would be reseeded with a no-till drill. For another field, it would all be reseeded. I'd expect some problems with late summer seedings where it stayed dry. Alfalfa needs about 6 weeks of growing to have a durable perennial root.

Dave Nicolai, regional Extension Educator based at Farmington, shared report of some winter injury to established stands from in a swath from Lamberton to about Carver County and east into Wisconsin where snow cover was poor part of the winter. Snow cover can be quite variable.

I've looked at a couple fields that seem to be greening up slowly, but uniformly across the fields. It could be until fields get to be 6 inches tall sometimes to make a good assessment.

We are making plans to work with farm and business cooperators on doing scissors cut sampling in some alfalfa fields again this spring. 2008 was a slow starting year with rain and snow mixed here through April 26. We took most of our first scissors cut samples on May 22 at 13 to 15 inches. A couple of the first fields were cut on June 2 at 25 to 27 inches tall. It got a little rainy at the end of May and early June to make harvest decisions challenging. So we'll see how the cards get dealt this year.

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