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Central MN Alfalfa Scissors-Cut Data June 6, 2013

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

Posted Originally June 6 about 10 p.m.
UPDATED JUNE 7 about 4:30 p.m. Added Wanderee info.
UPDATED JUNE 10 Evening. Added Dreier and Hoen

The "PDF" document listed here is information from field observations and lab tests we have so far from June 6. We will likely get a couple more reports on Friday and I will aim to update the PDF posted here later in the day on Friday. I will not the update time.  

Alfalfa Field Data June 6 2013.pdf

It seems to be pretty much a weather game now. There might be a site here and there that has some room to grow and mature on the RFV scale for milk cow hay, more so to the north. I'd guess a lot of it across the Stearns-Benton latitude and south is ready. Beef and heifer hay raisers have some time. Some of our grass hay will be ready to go for better quality too when the sun comes out long enough to get at it. Some people might be calling around to see if there's someone in the neighborhood who can bale and wrap hay or make use of other options on some farms. The rainy weather pattern makes this difficult. When the weather allows harvest, it will be important to follow harvest and storage practices to make the best of the crop.

For more information about using and interpreting information from alfalfa scissors-cut sampling or in using PEAQ sticks, go to:

LATE AND PREVENTED PLANTING: Check other news items posted here for links to a wider variety of information about late and prevented planting issues. Corn silage is still the best forage option for any of the corn silage that people still need to plant for the coming year.

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