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Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data May 27, 2014

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties or 1-800-964-4929 or 968-5077 if a local call to Foley

The crop has taken a pretty significant leap forward during the past week. It's probably time to take a yard stick out to most fields in the area.

This report includes new data from Scott County on May 22, and on May 26 and 27 from McLeod, Meeker, Wright, Benton, Stearns and Morrison. Some NOTES ABOUT FIELD OBSERVATIONS are included following the numbers.
Alfalfa Field Data 2014 05 27.pdf
This document will be revised in this posting on Wednesday evening May 28 with more lab reports. New samples will be taken on Thursday Morning May 29, with the goal of having some of that posted on Thursday evening.

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