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Alfalfa Harvest Alert Project 2014 Starts

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties

The 2014 Alfalfa Harvest Alert Scissors Cut project has started this week with 3 samples taken on Monday May 19 in Carver County and 1 sample in Benton County. We generally suggest starting field measurements and or lab sampling when the tallest stems are about 16 inches.

With an unusual spring again this year, it's good to get an early look at a few samples to see what things are like.

Continue reading for 1) The link for May 19 results with observations; 2) The link for a News Release that tells about the project and where listen to or read reports; 3) Links to U of M Forage Information; and 4) Link to Midwest Forage Association for buying a PEAQ stick

I don't put a lot of stock in one test result. We like to have at least 3 sample dates ahead of when we might actually consider harvesting to establish a trend line.

Once started, samples will be taken on Monday and Thursday mornings, depending on how samplers deal with Memorial Day.

Here's the Start-Up Report with a few observations at the end for May 19
May 19 2014 data.pdf

The next link connects to a News Release that tells about our project this year and where you can listen and look for information:
alf harvest alert news 2014.pdf

For more information about using and interpreting information from alfalfa scissors-cut sampling or in using PEAQ sticks, go to

Go to Midwest Forage Association if you'd like to order PEAQ Sticks:
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