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Forage Quarterly Newsletter Re-launched

by M. Scott Wells, Cropping and Forages Specialist

With the recent appointment of M. Scott Wells as the Forage and Cropping Specialist, the Forage Quarterly has been re-launched. The newsletter will highlight innovative approaches and technologies to improve the productivity and sustainability of Minnesota's forage systems.

This August edition contains a research update on emergency forages, a discussion of nitrogen needs in corn following alfalfa, helpful information on maintaining large bale quality and tips on pricing and using alternative forages.

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In his position, Wells will work closely with Regional and Local Extension Educators, State Specialists, USDA-ARS, and University researchers in developing a research program that provides solutions to current and future issues in forage production. Wells will also leverage the results to produce high-quality research-based educational programs. The educational programming will take many forms, including the Forage Quarterly Newsletter, YouTube videos, online webinars and classes, along with traditional field days and winter workshops.
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