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Forage Quarterly - Spring 2015

Dear Forage Producer,

The University of Minnesota Forage Team is proud to announce the third edition of the Forage Quarterly. Since spring is here, this issues focuses on establishment and early season management of forage production systems. In this edition we highlight seeding strategies, weed management, cover crops, insect control and identification.

We would like to take this time to highlight the contributors to this edition:
  • Bradley Heins, Ph.D. Assistant Professor. Expertise: Organic Dairy Production. Email:
  • Bruce Potter. Assistant Extension Professor. Expertise: Integrated Pest Mgt, crops, and forages. Email:
  • Craig Sheaffer, Ph.D. Professor. Expertise: Alfalfa, forage, and sustainable cropping systems. Email:
  • Deborah Samac, Ph.D. Research Plant Pathologist. USDA. Expertise: Disease resistance mechanisms in alfalfa.
  • Doug Holen. Regional Extension Educator. Expertise: Crops, small-grains, and forages. Email:
  • Jim Paulson. Regional Extension Educator. Expertise: Dairy nutrition,forages, grazing and organic production. Email:
  • M. Scott Wells, Ph.D. Assistant Professor. Expertise: Forages and cropping systems. Email:
  • Reagan Noland. Graduate Research Assistant. Expertise: forages, cropping systems, and precision agriculture. Email:
  • Roger Becker, Ph.D. Professor. Expertise: Agronomy and weed science. Email:

University of Minnesota Forage Team

In this issue
Alfalfa Assessment: Factors Leading to Winter Injury
Alfalfa Establishment: A Pathway to Increased Yield
Preparing for Successful Alfalfa/Grass Production
Using Herbicides to Establish Alfalfa
Aphanomyces Root Rot of Alfalfa Widespread Distribution of Race 2
Alfalfa Insects: What to Look for, How and When</a>

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University of Minnesota Extension Forage Team

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