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New Irrigation Resources

The new Irrigation Extension website is up and running, and we have been able to add some new resources, and update some of the past resources.
Now that spring has sprung, one of the most powerful tools for maximizing irrigated yield is uniform application of irrigation water.  Testing uniformity every few years is a low cost way to make sure that your water is going where you want it. On a pivot with 15 foot nozzle spacing, one bad nozzle 1000 feet from the center can influence the yield on over 2 acres. That one bad nozzle (that costs about $5 to replace) could cost you over $600 in lost yield.
Below is a quick tutorial on irrigation uniformity testing.

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  1. Where is Actual daily crop water use information available in Minnesota?

  2. Where is an actual crop water use available in Minnesota?

    1. First go to the Irrigation Management page
      and download the excel based checkbook. At the top of the SHEET1_MN_Inch tab there is a cell (N2) with blue text that says "Crops & Soils". That will take you down to the crop water use tables.


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