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Irrigators - Get Nitrogen Smart!

University of Minnesota Extension is pleased to announce three of its popular Nitrogen Smart meetings tailored specifically to the needs of irrigators.  All farmers are under scrutiny for how they manage Nitrogen fertilizer with respect to water quality issues, but none more so than those that have irrigation.

The three hour session will detail water quality issues in Minnesota, how Nitrogen behaves in the environment, recommended Nitrogen fertilizer application practices, and evaluating conservation practices and new technology.

The three meetings will be:  January 2, 1:00 PM, Lakeside, Glenwood; January 4, 1:00 PM, Central Lakes College, Staples, and January 6, 1:00 PM, Pleasant Hill Library, Hastings.  There is no cost to attend due to generous support from the Minnesota Corn Growers and the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resources Center.  Preregistration is not required.  Directions and more information can be found at: 
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