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Just in Time for Spring: University of Minnesota Unveils Newly Rebuilt Forage Website

M. Scott Wells - Extension Forage and Cropping Systems Agronomist

We are excited to announce that our University of Minnesota Forage website has emerged from its complete rebuild. Visitors to the U of M Forage website will be able to successfully navigate with ease through a host of informative topics associated with forage production such as:
  • Forage and Variety Selection
  • Soil and Water Management
  • Establishment
  • Nutrient Management
  • Growth and Development
  • Utilization and Management
  • Organic Production

Along with finding a wealth of information associated with forage production, visitors will have their attention drawn to upcoming U of M Extension and other statewide events across all crops via the Crops Calendar. The Crops Calendar offers a portal to more than scheduled events; with a quick click of the mouse, visitors can access valuable information associated with the chosen event including:
  • Event Flyers
  • Registration Forms
  • Maps and Locations
  • Event Coordinator(s) Contact Information

Visitors to the U of M Forage website will also find up to date information and news via the Minnesota Crop News Blog. The Crop News Blog is an excellent resource highlighting current and relevant news, research findings, and other valuable resources across all cropping systems at the U of M.

The primary goal and objective of the U of M Forage website rebuild is to collect and organize the information in a logical and efficient way so that you, the visitor, can easily navigate and browse the information relative to your interest.

Come take a look:

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