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Jan. 21 SC Hay Auction Summary

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties, Crop Systems Focus; ph 320-968-5077

I am listing links to view my summary information from the Jan 21 2016 Sauk Centre Hay auctions and other hay markets and crop news.

1. Jan 21 2016 Summary - All loads sold, grouped and averaged based on bale and hay or bedding type.

2. History of Selected Lots - averages for recent years, and each sale so far this year, Alfalfa, Grass Hay 5-9% Protein, Straw

3. Graph - Medium Square Groups from RFV 101-200. The Red Line is for the 2015-16 market Oct Through January 17.

4. Ending Hay Stocks Report Dec 1 2015 See notes below for links to related information.

Read further for information about other market news, forage workshops.

Sauk Centre Mid-American Hay Auctions will be held 1st and 3rd Thursdays through May. There are other markets around as well.

Look for other crop news on this Minnesota Crop News Website including recent post about Barriers to Bushels Corn and Soybean Production meetings in Little Falls, Willmar, Benson.

"Weekly Hay Market Demand and Price Report for the Upper Midwest" that is put together by Ken Barnett, UW Extension.

USDA Hay Market Reports - Look for “Hay” down the center of the page.

TOUR de FORAGE Workshops in cooperation with Midwest Forage Association:
NE MN at Floodwood on Tuesday Feb 2
Central MN at Albany, Paul’s Par A Dice, Wednesday Feb 3
SE MN at Rochester on Thursday, Feb 4

Go to for more info.

FORAGE for U Workshops in cooperation with UM Forage Team
“Forages for U” workshops are scheduled:
February 9 at Fergus Falls in the evening
February 11 at Hutchinson
February 19 in SE MN

Go to for more information.

I believe this report represents supplies of dry baled hay.
If you have interest in taking a closer look at lots of numbers, I’ll add a couple of links. Don’t get distracted from more important tasks.

January 12, 2016 Crop Production Report that includes Ending Hay Stocks.  Don't get distracted by the Orange Crop report on the front page. Check the table of contents for several hay and forage reports.

Here’s a link to a wider range of 2015 USDA Ag Statistics Crop Production Reports including Alfalfa and Other Hay, along with total forage combining haylage, green chop and dry hay.

2015 USDA NASS Crop Production Summary
Go to the January 12 date on the calendar and click on “Crop Production-Ann” for “annual"

Please continue to make SAFETY a part of your work and activities as we move through the winter season. Tune to local radio, call Counties where events are located, or call the U of M Extension Farm information line for info on CHANGES DUE TO WEATHER…1-800-2332-9077. Always do what makes sense to you. There’s not much going on that’s worth taking a roll in a ditch.

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