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Jan. 7, 2016 Sauk Centre HayAuction Summary

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator - Crop Systems, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties,, 320-968-5077

I am listing links to view my summary information from the Jan 7, 2016 Sauk Centre Hay auction and other hay markets and crop news.

1. Jan 7 2016 Summary - All loads sold, grouped and averaged based on bale and hay or bedding type.

2. History of Selected Lots - averages for recent years, AND each sale so far this year .

3. Graph of Medium Square Alfalfa in 25 RFV Groups from RFV 101-200.

4. Feb. 3 Central MN Forage Workshop at Albany (noted below)

A perceptive farmer recently shared, “Some hay market numbers don’t mean a lot if you weren’t at the auction to see what the hay looked like, and maybe how the bidding went.” Absolutely, especially with small load numbers. If 2 loads of grass hay, protein 5-9% sold for $40 and $50, it may not tell you much. If 10 loads sold and, some at $80, some at $40, some at $20, you might be fairly safe to assume some of it was in better physical condition, some not so good, some not good at all – even though it tested similar. Could be the dynamics of who was bidding.

Sauk Centre Mid-American Hay Auctions will be held 1st and 3rd Thursdays through May.

Steffes Hay Auction in Litchfield 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.

Look around the Minnesota Crop News Website here for information various meetings and topics.

"Weekly Hay Market Demand and Price Report for the Upper Midwest" that is put together by Ken Barnett, UW Extension.

USDA Hay Market Reports - Look for “Hay” in the center of the page.


3 “TOUR de FORAGE” Winter Forage Workshops with Midwest Forage Association:
for individual workshop flyers.
NE MN at Floodwood on Tues. Feb 2
Cen MN at Albany, Paul’s Par A Dice, Wed. Feb 3
SE MN at Rochester on Th. Feb 4

“FORAGES FOR U” workshops are scheduled:
Feb. 9 at Fergus Falls – evening (Doug Holen, 218-770-4396)
Feb. 11 at Hutchinson (Nathan Winter, 320-484-4334)
Feb. 19 in Rushford, SE MN (Jim Paulson, 507-251-4694)

Feb. 16 Barriers to Bushels – Corn and Soybean Production Workshop in Little Falls, other sites in other areas. You can call me about Little Falls, or Jodi DeJong Hughes about other sites 320-235-0726.

Feb. 17 Wheat Growers Workshop at Cold Spring – other sites in other areas (Doug Holen, 218-770-4396).

Please continue to make SAFETY a part of your work and activities in the winter season. 

Call staff or counties working with meetings, listen to local radio, or call MN Extension Farm Info line 800-232-9077. Most important - Do what makes sense to you. 

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