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Alfalfa Harvest Alert May 26

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties,, 320-968-5077

Updated May 27, 106

This includes data from 3 Benton County Farms. Central MN Forage Council Board member Greg Lefebvre reports very little hay cut from around Benton County and parts of Stearns County up through Long Prairie and Staples. I'd speculate farther north as well. This is about where the line would be for hay that way on the young side last week when the weather was nice.

Somewhere along the way as we move north in Minnesota, there is likely still alfalfa that is approaching it's prime for milk cow hay and haylage. Farmers are remarkable people for dealing with the variables they deal with in trying to make a living and making the best of the cards they get dealt. The rest of us could have much to learn from them.

Click on May 26 Harvest Alert Data to see numbers for May 26, bold print near the bottom of the first page... and then individual farm data we have gotten this spring.

Click on Graphs to see line graphs corresponding to farms that were samples on May 26. Graphs for other cooperating farms are posted in the May 23 posting.

Hope you have a meaningful Memorial Day Observance.
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