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New Nitrogen Rate Guidelines and New Website

Fabián Fernández and Daniel Kaiser

A few weeks ago we announce changes in the nitrogen rate guidelines for corn after corn and corn after soybean:

These new guidelines have been incorporated into the Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator that has been in use since 2006. Along with these changes in the guidelines for Minnesota, the N rate calculator website has been improved and is now located at a new site:

While the old calculator site will still be available for a short period, we encourage users to visit the new site as the new guidelines are updated only in the new site.

As in the previous version, the new calculator is a tool to calculate the return to N application and to find the maximum return to N (MRTN) at various prices of N and corn based on recent research data collected over many sites in Minnesota. We hope you find the new site useful.

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  1. Fabian,
    I am assuming that work is being done relating to the possible contributions that cover crops might add into the mix of actual nitrogen needs. Also is there any work relating to a three crop rotation of corn, soybeans and a small grain say wheat. More farmers are entering into an organic production system which requires some sort of three year, three crop rotation and will be in need of some sound guidelines for these rotations. Also, these same farmers as well as existing organic producers are relying on green manures for their primary N source. And some fortunate enough to be able to purchase manure from a neighboring livestock
    facility are also in need of some good guidelines for N as well as P and K application rates. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help along these lines. And thanks much for the good work.
    Carmen (


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