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Tall off-types in Linkert, Rollag, and other spring wheat varieties.

Acreages of Linkert and Rollag increased this season  as many producers were looking for a stiffer straw variety that was less prone to lodging after the 2015 growing season.  I have had a few calls about the presence of tall off-types in both varieties.  The three basic causes of tall off-types are described here. I'm quite sure that the tall off-types found in Linkert and Rollag are not the result of variety blending but rather have a genetic underpinning. Interestingly enough the genetic mechanism that is described in the link above and which is well understood is not the cause of the tall off-types in Linkert and Rollag as the spring wheat breeding project has done the genetic analysis to confirm the presence of the monosomic deletions in the tall off-types that are found in Linkert and Rollag.  Dr. Jim Anderson has in turn started a small project to better understand what the genetic mechanism is that causes a fair number of the University of Minnesota HRSW releases to have this tendency to produce tall off-types.

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