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Initial forecasts of corn yield available for the Corn Belt

By Jeff Coulter, Extension Corn Specialist

Corn has begun silking in many fields across Minnesota. Stress to corn between now and early August resulting from dry soil conditions, especially when combined with high air temperatures, can decrease yield by reducing the number of kernels per plant. Hail damage to corn at this time also can seriously diminish yield, since all leaves have emerged by the onset of silking. Corn typically reaches maturity 55 to 60 days after the start of silking.

To evaluate the impact of this season’s weather on corn yield potential and its spatial variability, simulations of 2016 yield potential were performed on July 13 for 41 locations across the Corn Belt (including three in Minnesota) by University of Nebraska researchers as part of a multi-state project:

Updated yield forecasts will be available in late July.
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