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Stubby Root Nematode and Sampling in Sugar Beet - A1821

Mohamed F.R. Khan, Professor and Extension Sugarbeet Specialist, North Dakota State University and University of Minnesota; Sahar Arabiat, Research Associate, North Dakota State University; Guiping Yan, Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University; Ashok K. Chanda, Assistant Professor & Extension Sugarbeet Pathologist, University of Minnesota

Stubby root nematode (SRN) represents an economically important group of nematodes belonging to the genera Trichodorus and ParatrichodorusStubby root nematodes often are found in light (sandy) soils and are more problematic when cool, wet soil conditions exist. For example, yield losses as high as 50 percent can be observed in cool and wet growing seasons.

More information about identifying SRN injury on sugar beet, management options, and soil sampling procedures for nematode analysis can be found in the fact sheet

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