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Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data May 25, 2017

by Dan Martens, UM Extension, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties, 320-968-5077,

Click on Alfalfa Harvest Alert May 25 for field and lab information on Thursday May 25, updated on Friday May 26 about 8 PM. No info from 2 farms, lab info not back from 1. 1 farm reported cutting on Thursday and Friday, could be others. Some watching to see how the weekend weather turns out. Some looking for a little more growth on fields if they can.
Weather has continued to be cool. Some farms are too wet to run equipment on now. On some sandy soil or firmer fields, some farmers started to cut hay on Wednesday, hoping to chop or wrap what they could by rain expected on Saturday. The forecast has changed in the mean time to include some chance for rain on Friday.... and that forecast cleared by Friday morning.

There is still variation in height and maturity in some fields, field to field, and neighborhood to neighborhood. A lot of it is moving into bud stage now.

Cool weather maybe helping the crop to hold quality a little better, yet.

Please make Safety a part of your hay harvest preparations.
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