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Alfalfa Harvest Alert Data May 30 2017

by Dan Martens, UM Extension, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties, 320-968-5077,

Click on Alfalfa Harvest Alert May 30 for field and lab information from Monday May 30 posted about 9 PM Monday. New data in this report includes

--Lab results from Meeker County Sample last Thursday

--Feed sample at Gathje Farm on May 30 for alfalfa chopped last week

--Field sample from Scapanski farm in Benton County May 30

--Field sample from OS Dairy farm in Benton County May 30

I will update the report in the link here if we get more information tomorrow.

Read further for some other observations

Weather has continued to be cool and cloudy. This might be holding digestibility related quality factors some, but might also be limiting protein.

I drove back to Foley from western MN on Memorial Day Evening, following Stearns Co Road 17 East from Sauk Centre to Rice. I saw quite a mix of fields that were done, cut, and not cut. I’d say more cut or done than not cut. Again, it's not the same for every farm, and everyone doesn't have the same goals. As we move north from here a ways, some areas could be a week or more behind us.

I shook a couple of alfalfa weevil larva out of a sample while cutting it up for the lab. Certainly NOT enough to be a concern for spraying at this time, but a good reminder to watch. It could be different in some fields. REMEMBER routine spraying WITHOUT sufficient evidence of insects present at a threshold level is a major factor in losing products to resistance or environmental issues, as well as losing money.

With what I’d call cooler weather this spring, alfalfa weevil larvae might be hatching later than normal. Cool weather might slow alfalfa regrowth also. Areas of fields that showed more winter stress might also start a little slower.

Please make Safety a KEY in your hay harvest, spraying and other activities.
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