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May 18 Sauk Centre Hay Auction Summaries

by Dan Martens, Extension Educator, Stearns-Benton-Morrison Counties, 320-968-5077 or 1-800-964-4929,

Use links to see my summaries from the May 18, 2017 Sauk Centre Hay Auction

1. May 18, 2017 Summary- All tested loads sold, groups based on hay and bale type and quality

2. History of Selected Lots 

3. Graph of Selected Alfalfa hay groups.
            The 2016-17 season is the RED line now.

Continue reading for other sources of hay market information and crop information sources.


“Summer Season” Auctions:
Mid American Hay Auction in Sauk Centre has summer season auctions schedule for the 1st Thursdays of June, July and August: June 1, July 6, August 3.
The Steffes Auction in Litchfield is listed for June 20 on their website.
There are others.

"Weekly Hay Market Demand and Price Report for the Upper Midwest" that is put together by Richard Halopka, UW Extension.

USDA Hay Market Reports - Look for “Hay” down the center of the page.

Look for other crop news here at the Minnesota Crop News Website 
SEVERAL articles have been posted lately related to current crop issues: Wet weather, Delayed planting, Potential for loss of nitrogen due to weather issues, Herbicide strategies, Alfalfa hay harvest, etc.

Please continue to make safety a priority in your work and other activities, especially the wet field conditions, a busy time of year, and calendar pressure being hazard factors. 

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