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Lessons learned from preemergence corn herbicide research this spring

by Ryan Miller and Lisa Behnken

Last week, we shared a video on Spring herbicide activity concerns ( due to cool and wet conditions following preemergence corn herbicide applications. In the video, we noted that weeds were coming through and wondered if the preemergence herbicides that had been applied would do their job.

We are back in the research plots in Rochester and checking-in to see how things have been progressing over the past week. In this week's video, we're sharing some interesting observations. We have seen differences in the time it takes for different preemergence herbicides to activate, and differences in "reach-back" with different herbicide products. We have also seen the benefit of preemergence herbicides in taking some of the pressure off of postemergence applications by providing at least some of our weed control, and by extending the window to accomplish postemergence applications. To view this week's video, Spring herbicide activity progress, visit We will be following this trial during the 2017 growing season and providing periodic video updates.

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