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VIDEO: Taking the Basal Stalk Nitrate Test

Fabian Fernandez, Nutrient Management Specialist

The basal stalk nitrate test is a diagnostic test taken at the end of the growing season in corn. Results will show how well you did with your nitrogen management during the season. While this test won’t tell you how much N you need to apply next year, over time it can reveal a picture of your fertilizer management practices.

To collect a sample, cut an eight-inch piece of stalk, starting six inches above the ground. This section should include the bottom node of the plant. Remove leaves and sheath tissue. For a complete sample, include at least 15 stalks from a given area.

For the complete how-to, watch Fabian Fernandez in the video above. Plus, check out our video on how to interpret your results here.

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Support for this project was provided in part by the Agricultural Fertilizer Research & Education Council (AFREC).

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