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Join Us for Nitrogen Smart Workshops Next Week

Join us next week for Nitrogen Smart in Foley, Perham and Ada, MN. Nitrogen Smart is a training program for producers that presents fundamentals for maximizing economic return on nitrogen investments while minimizing nitrogen losses. The workshops deliver high-quality, research-based education so producers can learn:

  • Sources of nitrogen (N) for crops
  • How nitrogen is lost from soil and how you can reduce losses
  • How to manage nitrogen in drainage systems
  • What the new Nutrient Reduction Strategy and Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Plan mean for Minnesota producers
  • Practices to refine nitrogen management, including split applications, alternative N fertilizers, soil and tissue testing and N models
Don't miss out on your chance to maximize ROI this season.

Mar 26 - Foley, 12:30 PM, Henry's Catering and Banquet Center, 6774 Hwy 25 NE
Mar 27 - Perham, 1:00 PM, The Cactus, 43521 Fort Thunder Rd.
Mar 28 - Ada, 9:00 AM, Ag Country, 901 W 1st. Ave.

The Nitrogen Smart trainings are presented by University of Minnesota Extension, funded by Minnesota Corn Growers, and hosted by the Minnesota Agriculture Water Resource Center

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