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2018 University of Minnesota's variety crop trial results available now

The Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES) and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) have just published the 2018 Field Crop Trials Bulletin. Simply follow this link to find the results for your crop of interest or follow these links to find cornsoybeansspring wheat, winter wheat, barley, oatsalfalfa or silage corn directly.

Successful crop production begins with variety and hybrid selection. Whether selecting a corn hybrid for grain or silage, a soybean variety or small grains cultivar, choose hybrids and varieties that consistently perform well over a wide range of soil and weather conditions.

Yield stability is critical for minimizing risk, since growing conditions can’t be predicted ahead of time. Averages across multiple environments, whether they are different years and/or locations, provide a more reliable estimate of future performance and are more predictive of what you may expect from the variety the next growing season.

Use several sources to compare varieties, including the U of M Variety Trials, other universities’ information, grower associations and reputable seed dealers. When you use data from other sources, make sure that the data came from replicated trials and it includes a means comparison. For more information on hybrid/variety selection, visit the following University of Minnesota Extension crops websites:

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