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Alfalfa Harvest Alert Information/ Hay Auction May

Nathan Drewitz, UMN Extension Educator for Stearns, Benton, and Morrison Counties. or (320) 968-5077

The Alfalfa Harvest Alert Project/ Scissor Cut project is now underway. The goal of this project is to alert alfalfa growers to start first crop harvest when the crop is at a level of quality and yield potential that meets their specific needs.
Keep in mind, the goal of this project is not to try and name the day that you should harvest. Rather the goal is to encourage growers who are busy with the management of other crops to be more strategic with hay crop harvest as it relates to their needs.

Below is the scissor cut reports for May 16th through May 21st.
Harvest Alert May 17
Harvest Alert May 21

Below is each farm's progress of alfalfa updated for May 21st.
Alfalfa Progress 2019

Keeping up with current local hay prices ties in with this project. Tracking these prices can help with decisions related to hay harvest timing. The Mid-American Hay Auction in Sauk Centre, MN provides an excellent opportunity to get a glimpse of what current hay prices are for the region. That hay auction information is organized, summarized, and listed below. 

Click the links below to view both hay auctions for the month of May
May 7, 2019
May 16, 2019

Click the links below to view the summaries of the auction's history.
Graphs of Alfalfa Lots 2001-2019
History of Selected Lots 2010-2019

For more hay auction information:
UWEX Upper Midwest Summary
USDA Hay Market Report - Look for "Hay" down the center of the page.
Both links provide hay market reports and information from around the country.

The Mid-American Hay Auction in the 1st and 3rd Thursday, September through May. Summer hay auction dates for this year are June 7th, July 12th, and August 2nd.
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