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Small Grains Disease & Pest Update

The small grains disease and pest survey started this week.  Overall, problems are far and few in between.  Crop development ranges from 2-leaf to jointing for the spring cereals, while the first rye fields are heading and winter wheat varies from stem elongation to early boot stage.

Bruce Potter reported the presence of English grain aphid in SW Minnesota in his pest report.  While scouts did not found any aphids in any the fields sampled, a few reports of Barley Yellow Dwarf virus symptoms in oat and barley fields in south-central Minnesota reached my desk. Given the planting delays, there is a risk that the dwarfing symptoms of BYDV may be seen this growing season.

Scouts encountered some aster leafhoppers and grasshoppers in west central Minnesota and the southern Red River Valley. The first wheat stem sawfly adults were found in traps on last year's wheat field near Crookston.

Tan spot is the most prevalent leaf disease found to date.  Overall, incidence and severities are quite low, except in winter wheat and spring wheat seeded into last year's wheat fields.
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