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Timely crop scouting as summer finally arrives

Welcome to the 3rd IPM Podcast for Field Crops – 2019

The purpose of the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) podcasts is to alert Growers, Ag Professionals and Educators about emerging pest concerns on Minnesota Field Crops - including corn, soybean, small grains and alfalfa. We also review recent pest trends and research updates.

Our guests this week were Bruce Potter, Extension IPM Specialist, with the UMN Extension IPM Program. Bruce is located at the Southwest Research & Outreach Center (SWROC) at Lamberton and Curt Burns, Independent Crop Consultant, CB Agronomics. Curt is a certified crop advisor who specializes in corn, soybeans, dry beans, sugarbeets, alfalfa, sweet corn, peas and small grains in south central Minnesota.   We met with Bruce and Curt on June 28th for an update on early summer crop scouting recommendations for Minnesota growers and ag professionals. Bruce and Curt reviewed this year's crop growing season and the impact that weather, disease, soil fertility, potato leafhoppers and black cutworms have had so far on this years crops. We also discussed the management of other potential plant pest issues such a soybean gall midge, soybean aphids, armyworms and thistle caterpillars. Finally recommendations were discussed in regard to the use of non-Bt corn, European corn borer and waterhemp weed control.

Potato Leafhopper

This podcast was held at the KGLB Radio Station in Glencoe, and hosted by Dave Nicolai, Crops Extension Educator & Coordinator for the Extension Institute for Ag Professionals. Special thanks to Anthony Hanson, Extension Post-Doctoral Associate for recording and technical assistance.

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Early shot hole whorl damage caused by European corn borer.
Photo: J. Obermeyer
Also, here's the link to the degree-day maps for European Corn Borer (both current and 7-day forecast, basically scouting starts this weekend and through the week for most of MN):

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