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Is your farm ready for the next big rain? Soil and nutrient loss in southeast Minnesota

soil nutrient runoff station

In this special episode of the Nutrient Management Podcast, Extension educator Greg Klinger facilitates a discussion about the Root River Field to Stream Partnership in southeast Minnesota. He's joined by Kevin Kuehner, from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and Ron Meiners, retired Root River Soil and Water Conservation District Manager.

In Part One, they explore the question: How do you build a soil and water conservation project that brings everyone to the table? The podcast tackles the ideas of critical source areas, the needed density and intensity of soil conservation practices, sediment conveyor belts, and all the other things you learn when you walk over 8,000 acres of fields for conservation practices.

Part Two examines what you can learn when you install equipment that collects all the runoff water from a field. What nutrients are being lost in surface runoff? Critical times for runoff, the difference between high-runoff soils and high-erosion soils, what can be done to limit nutrient losses when the ground is frozen, and Olympic-size swimming pools of runoff are all discussed.
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