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Late-season Pest Considerations in Northwest Minnesota

Welcome to the Fifth IPM Podcast for Field Crops – 2019

Welcome to the fifth IPM Podcast for Field Crops, 2019– this Podcast is sponsored by the UMN Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. In this week’s podcast, we feature Angie Peltier, UMN Extension Educator based out of Crookston, MN. Peltier provided insight on conditions in Northwestern Minnesota and the outlook into the remainder of the growing season for corn and soybeans.

Diseases in corn, such as Goss's wilt or blight, have become a concern in some areas. It primarily affects leaves, preventing photosynthesis. As a bacterial disease, fungicides are not effective as a treatment, though crop genetics could play a role in reducing risk.

      Goss’s blight in corn leaf. Lesions run parallel to leaf veins, 
and dark water-soaked spots form within. Photo: Angie Peltier

One insect gaining attention across the state this year in soybean is thistle caterpillar, or the painted lady butterfly, which has been found in northwestern MN fields too. Larvae can cause defoliation of leaves in high numbers. Economically damaging levels only occur above 20% defoliation in reproductive stage (e.g., flowering) soybean when larvae are still present.

                                Thistle caterpillar feeding on a soybean leaf. Blue arrow: thistle caterpillar larva;                                       yellow arrow: webbing; white arrow: frass. Photo: Angie Peltier

This podcast was hosted by Dave Nicolai, Crops Extension Educator & Coordinator for the Extension Institute for Ag Professionals. Special thanks to Anthony Hanson, Extension Post-Doctoral Associate for recording and technical assistance. The purpose of the IPM podcasts is to alert Growers, Ag Professionals and Educators about emerging pest concerns on Minnesota field crops. We also review recent pest trends and research updates.

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