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Haney soil test webinar available

Liz Stahl, Extension educator and Anna Cates, state soil health specialist

The Haney test, a test for soil health, is being used to assess biological activity in the soil.  Growers are using these tests to qualify for programs, explore their soil health, and in some cases, plan crop fertility needs. However, many questions remain about interpreting Haney test information, especially for Minnesota soils.

Dr. Anna Cates, state soil health specialist and Liz Stahl, Extension educator in crops, discuss the Haney test in this webinar recorded by the State of Minnesota Board of Soil and Water Resources.

Dr. Cates discusses the various measurements and calculations, while relating results to conditions in Minnesota. Stahl discusses U of MN research comparing results from standard soil testing procedures to the Haney test, and the implications if one were to use the Haney test in determining fertilizer needs.

Watch the Haney test webinar

For more information, see “Can soil health tests determine fertilizer needs”, and the U of MN Nutrient Management Website for details on U of MN Fertilizer Guidelines for corn and soybean.

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