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Grain management webinar to address pressing spring and summer issues on April 22

By Liz Stahl, Extension educator – crops, and Phyllis Bongard, Educational content development & communications specialist
Source: Dr. Ken Hellevang, NDSU

For many farmers across Minnesota, 2019 ended with a late harvest and grain going into storage that was wetter than normal. Grain that has been stored wet can lead to significant quality, handling and safety issues as we move into the spring and summer months.

On Wednesday, April 22 at 10:00 a.m. CDT, six experts from land-grant universities in the North Central and Southern regions of the US will address questions and issues that may arise related to grain handling and storage on the farm or at the elevator. This is an excellent opportunity to hear from experts throughout the region on key issues around grain handling and management.

A panelist format style will be used, and topics addressed will focus on:
  • Grain conditioning (drying grain stored wet through the winter, condensation management, etc.)
  • Stored grain management (temperature management, monitoring methods and tools, etc.)
  • Handling (issues with jammed discharge wells, preventing blockage during unloading, etc.)
  • Safety (safe practices during unloading, how to assess situations and mitigate dangers, etc.)
Panelists for the webinar include:
  • Ken Hellevang, Interim Dept. Chair, Professor & Extension Engineer, North Dakota State University
  • Carol Jones, Professor & Buchanan Endowed Chair, Oklahoma State University
  • Dirk Maier, Professor & Extension Engineer, Iowa State University
  • Chuck Schwab, Professor & Extension Safety Specialist, Iowa State University
  • Sammy Sadaka, Associate Professor & Extension Engineer, University of Arkansas
  • Bob Marlow, Consultant, Grain Quality & Facility Operations


The webinar is free and open to all that are interested. To register, go to:

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